Peru’s luxury lifestyle publication, Luhho, featured a piece on Nader Zadi’s custom eyewear.  If you’re well-versed in Spanish you can read the article here:  If not, there’s an English translation below.

Nader Zadi Customeyes in Luhho Magazine

Modernity and technological progress have many advantages and make our lives easier, but also can lead to neglecting and forgetting various traditions. Thus, in 1995 Nader Zadi founded CustomEyes, based in Manhattan, in order to reinstate the fine art of making glasses by hand.  As an exclusive atelier where fine pieces are made from vintage designs that are not found anywhere else in the world, CustomEyes provides the discerning client with a modern and sophisticated style that meets their tastes and needs.

The collection provides authentic pieces up to 200 years old, parts that Nader Zadi preserves, redesigned and styled for modern times. The resulting product is a flawless finish that transcends machine manufacturing by giving each piece its own soul.

Nader Zadi himself a personally interviews each customer and helps them to choose the mounting and the bridge optimally suited to their needs, facial shapes and proportions. Once the frame is selected, measurements are taken and the glasses are assembled using the finest lens materials and technologies. 

Articulating all the details, the artist invests many hours and total dedication to create a piece of work using various techniques of the Old World to that is worthy of any museum.  Each piece is a timeless beauty, and above all, incorporates precision optics. With a well-earned reputation for excellence in service and products, Nader Zadi has an exclusive customer base including celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs, executives, architects and physicians. If you have the opportunity to visit his atelier, you’ll never view glasses in the same way. – R.S.