M.S   Collector
Though I have been interested in antique eyewear for a number of years, I never would have managed to acquire such an extensive and unique collection if not for you.
Nader, your eyeglass frames are beautiful and rare, functional, comfortably lightweight, and make quite the conversation piece, when other people notice what I am wearing.  I look forwa...
J.S.   Stylist
Nader Zadi has provided me with exceptional service.  His workmanship is of the finest quality.
I have since come to see that it is his nature to provide excellence in workmanship and quality.  Over the years, he has continued to go beyond professional courtesy.  I find his taste is impeccable, and his honesty unquestionable.  I work in a field of ...
S.H. - Business Owner
 The best find I’ve made has most assuredly been Nader.  For years I have enjoyed the countless compliments I’ve received from having exquisite eyeglasses.  All the eyewear is unique and meticulously made with the closest attention to every detail.  The service provided after years of wear has continually been courteous.  Living in a world of ready ...
T.F - TV Executive
It was so impressive for me to visit your atelier and thank you for helping me coordinate various pairs of glasses for my wardrobe.  Every pair you have made for me fit me perfectly and I am proud to wear your works of art.
 Alpine, New Jersey
R.S - Doctor
Nader, the glasses you have created are wonderful.  They give me pleasure every day.  I enjoy wearing them and looking at them   they are so beautiful.  Thank you.
 San Diego, CA

 B.P - Fashion Director
 Nader, beautiful work and I think a very necessary product fascinating!
 The New York Times

J.M - Airline Executive
Dear Nader, I received my new glasses and want to thank you for your very fine and professional work.  It will be my pleasure to recommend you to my friends.
Beverly Hills, CA

T.M - Architect
Dear Nader, thank you!  Each piece is such a pleasure to wear, so light and absolutely fun.
New York, NY
D.M. - Investment Banker
Nader, thank you for all the effort you extended.  You went well above and beyond great customer service.  I am honored to be one of your clients.
New York, NY
R.S - Photographer
Mr. Zadi, like your frames, it is indeed rare that I would spend so much, so freely and quickly, yet there is something intrinsically alluring about your product that I do not get from a custom suit or bespoke shoes.  Indeed, they are in the same space indulgences for those who can afford them, and your products are some of the finest I have ever experienced...
GWH - NY Times Best Selling Author
CustomEyes has provided me the kind of eyewear I need as a professional before the public. The quality of the work rests not only in the glasses but also delivers as a fashion statement. I find CustomEyes to be singularly unique in this regard.
Boulder, CO
A.G - Mens Fashion Expert
Nader Zadi is not only a wonderful person, but his eyewear is amazing. He has a selection of vintage and hand-crafted frames that you could never find in your local store. And what a difference they'll make in your appearance!
Los Angeles, CA
 B.B - Author, Men's Fashion Expert
"Mr. Zadi is the pre-eminent artisan working in the field of antique eyewear. The quality of his craftsmanship is unsurpassed as evidenced in the beautiful antique silver sunglasses he made for me.
 Bethlehem, PA
Rev. D.G
Since Nader Zadi fitted me with a pair of his antique/contemporary glasses, I have had nothing but compliments.  This is a look I tried to find for years, but couldn't until I found him.
 New York, NY
 Nader, Thank you, it was a privilege getting to see your work and meeting you. Today was great getting to wear them for the first time. I look forward to expanding my collection in the future.
 Greenwich, CT