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It is this sort of optical pampering that draws discerning clientele to Zadi's appointment-only showroon. 

Eyewear for those frustrated with mass-market options.

Zadi creates his bespoke spectacles from vintage parts.
--The New Yorker

Custom glasses made to account for differences in peoples faces, with an eye to determining the most flattering looks for his clients.
--The Wall Street Journal

Best of the Best 2010

Using vintage elements Nader Zadi offers a modern perspective on bespoke eyewear.
--Robb Report

Nader Zadi has created a way to match tailored suits and couture gowns to custom made

Designer Nader Zadi custom makes your frames to fit your face perfectly.

Frames unavailable anywhere else.

Nader Zadi's impressive collection made to fit client's distinctive facial features.

Customeyes is the ultimate in tailor-made eyewear. 
Zadi has an eminent reputation and talent for creating exclusive, vintage designs that flatter the individual face.

Created with such high quality of hand workmanship and degree of customization that they become individual to you.
--Cigar Aficionado

One-of-a-kind glasses tailored to each customer's taste.
--US Airways Magazine

Zadi has mastered the art of luxurious optical care.

Nader Zadi offers an amazing collection of antique frames, using old world techniques to create a museum-quality masterpiece.

Customeyes is where people go to get the best vintage and personalized glasses.
--Haute Living

Zadi injects a dash of long forgotten class into eyewear.
--Luxury Insider

If Saville Row is where you get your suits, Customeyes is where you go for vintage and bespoke eyewear.

Nader Zadi has an uncommon passion for glasses, creating one-of-a-kind frames that fit his clients' faces perfectly.


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