Roland Iten belt buckle pairs will with Nader Zadi custom eyewearAbove are two examples of mechanical engineering at its best. 

The Roland Iten Calibre R8 Mark II Mechanical belt buckle is a mechanical and artisanal masterpiece.  This belt buckle is one of a kind — it can expand and contract with a flick of your thumb and forefinger.  Although I have not met Mr. Iten in person, I feel a connection with his passion and artistic spirit.  He is a master in transforming regular items into functioning mechanical objects that are as delightful as fine art.  He brings extraordinary character to all of his creations.

I share a deep appreciation for beautifully crafted mechanical objects that are made with traditional standards of luxury and craftmanship.  When I craft such an item I feel as if the piece generates its own soul. 

In the photos above, I have profiled a centerpiece bridge circa 1920 (oval inset) and an original antique frame circa 1930.  Both of these pieces are in yellow gold and feature a marvelous mechanism that allows the nose pads to spread and conform to the nose of the wearer for a precise and comfortable fit.  

The 1920s bridge features two lion paws handles, that allow the nose pads to spread, neatly covering the drill holes and screws while masking the spring coil that enables the handles to swivel.  I have restyled the nose pads of the 1930s frame  to incorporate the mechanism of the spreading S-shaped nose pads.  Both of these frames allow for a perfect fit and are aesthetic marvels.

Looking at Mr. Iten’s pieces and comparing them to mine, I wonder what the two of us could create together.