Nader Zadi launches rare limited edition sunglasses emulating the 8th phase (appearance) of the waxing moon, with a rectangular double dip crescent shape and midnight blue gradient lenses, reflecting an expanding illumination.
The artist’s creation harmonizes art and craftsmanship all by hand.  Features include four total curves or crescents on each side, representing the four key phases of each month, with repeating curves on the center piece.  The lenses are hand edged and mounted with a bridge in white gold, accented with ornate filigree and solid gold nose pads, origin circa 1920. 
“As an artist, I am inspired by the different phases of the moon, which influence my visions, creativity, and passion I invest into my craft.  My most exquisite works are created during the waxing stage. These sunglasses convey my perspective on the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ – a rare frame and occurrence indeed.”