Gaziano & Girling Hemple bespoke and Nader Zadi Customeyes

The other Gaziano & Girling partner is Tony Gaziano, who has been instrumental in the design and development of shoe ranges for many premier quality brands, and continues to offer a constultancy service.  He insists on maintaining hands-on involvement in the production of bench made and bespoke shoes and is a talented craftsman as well as being a leading designer.

These gorgeous shoes are a work of art that will influence your demeanor and stride to be graceful, elegant and will definitely command a second glance from onlookers. 

Accessorizing the soles of your feet appropriately starts at the top, with the windows of your soul.  Therefore, this traditional rose gold frame with distinguished gold nose pads compliments these shoes.

Thanks to the Gaziano & Girling web site for Tony Gaziano’s biography.