Gazian & Girling Croc Bespoke and Nader Zadi Customeyes

One of the Gaziano & Girling partners, Dean Girling, has been producing the highest quality of tailor made shoes for some of London’s top bespoke houses.  He is recognized in the trade as an artist and craftsman of exceptional skill, a man who maintains shoemaking standards that might otherwise be lost forever.  As such, he is widely considered in the trade to be the craftsman’s craftsman. 

The privilege of having bespoke shoes made is that you have the choice to select various leathers and exotic skins offered by the shoemaker.  Furthermore, you’ll be walking with the joyous comfort from gathering exact measurements of the contours of your feet.  

Hopefully your garments and accessory wardrobe will reflect the beauty and luxury of these fine bespoke shoes. 

Here the Gaziano & Girling Croc is paired with a rose gold bespoke eyewear that matches the shoes in quality and opulence.

Thanks to the Gaziano & Girling web site for Dean Girling’s biography.