From the Window of Your Soul, To the Soles of Your Feet, Part I

Gaziano & Girling Deco Bowlly and Nader Zadi Customeyes

Gaziano & Girling’s Deco collection is a fine example of ready-to-wear shoemaking made to resemble the styles of the 20’s and 30’s. These shoes bring an edgier look to the G&G grace with a trimmer style that reflects the art deco period.

The detailed filagree on these white gold eyeglasses circa 1930 compliment the design embellishment surrounding the laces of the Deco Bowlly shoes by Gaziano & Girling.


Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.-Jean-Paul Sartre
Scene and be seen: In the past, shopping for the right eyewear was an arduous task. Until recently, the eyewear industry had abundant reasons not to take the extra time to place on exceptional design and precious metals. Thankfully, in the immediacy of today’s fast-paced world, the important exception to the demands of efficiency, form and function seem not only to have fallen upon us but rather are here to stay with us. Despite his formidable record as superior craftsman, intricate designer, and technical genius; Nader Zadi, creative director of “RARE” bespoke eyewear, chooses professional deliberateness in his precision of style and quality. It is world class designed for world travelers and recognizing this exceptional product is the first step in a positive visionary change of a lifetime.
Nader Zadi (212) 249 5609. By Appointment.  Purveyor of Vintage & Bespoke Eyewear by

Sophisticated Heights


Battles are won by slaughter and maneuver. The greater the general, the more he contributes in maneuver, the less he demands in slaughter. by Winston Churchill
As the name suggests, Rare Eyewear is the embodiment of excellence and tradition created far and away from the main field. This bespoke eyewear company delivers unbelievable quality and forgiveness to maneuver and outperform in battle. Now you can be powerful and efficient at the same time. By Appointment – Nader Zadi(212) 249 5609,  Purveyor of Vintage & Bespoke Eyewear

Mechanical Elegance and Artistic Excellence


Roland Iten belt buckle pairs will with Nader Zadi custom eyewearAbove are two examples of mechanical engineering at its best. 

The Roland Iten Calibre R8 Mark II Mechanical belt buckle is a mechanical and artisanal masterpiece.  This belt buckle is one of a kind — it can expand and contract with a flick of your thumb and forefinger.  Although I have not met Mr. Iten in person, I feel a connection with his passion and artistic spirit.  He is a master in transforming regular items into functioning mechanical objects that are as delightful as fine art.  He brings extraordinary character to all of his creations.

I share a deep appreciation for beautifully crafted mechanical objects that are made with traditional standards of luxury and craftmanship.  When I craft such an item I feel as if the piece generates its own soul. 

In the photos above, I have profiled a centerpiece bridge circa 1920 (oval inset) and an original antique frame circa 1930.  Both of these pieces are in yellow gold and feature a marvelous mechanism that allows the nose pads to spread and conform to the nose of the wearer for a precise and comfortable fit.  

The 1920s bridge features two lion paws handles, that allow the nose pads to spread, neatly covering the drill holes and screws while masking the spring coil that enables the handles to swivel.  I have restyled the nose pads of the 1930s frame  to incorporate the mechanism of the spreading S-shaped nose pads.  Both of these frames allow for a perfect fit and are aesthetic marvels.

Looking at Mr. Iten’s pieces and comparing them to mine, I wonder what the two of us could create together.

Luxury Deserves Luxury Eyewear

Maserati and Nader Zadi custom sunglasses

When the top is down on your Maserati and you’re coasting by the water, make sure that your custom sunglasses have polarized lenses.  They will filter out the reflected glare from the water and other shiny surfaces around you, such as the hood of other cars and the road’s surface.  You’ll enjoy a smoother drive with enhanced visual acuity and the style to go along with the driving experience.

When you go to reach for your sunglasses in your Maserati, will they match the luxury and style of the car you’re driving?

Your sunglasses ought to fit you as well as your car does.

The Poet’s Craft

Custom Made Reading Glasses

“There are two men inside the artist, the poet and the
craftsman. One is born a poet. One becomes a craftsman”. Quote by
french realist and novelist, Emile Zola. Bespoke eyewear artist,
Nader Zadi, creates functional art works of eyewear that will be
sure to last a lifetime filled with poetry and
craftmanship. These saddle bridge half-eyes, are completely shaped by hand into a crescent, emulating the shape of the 9th phase of a waxing moon. Optimally designed for reading and fitted to provide clearance when looking up to glance at distant objects. 

Fire and Ice

“I do not like the man who squanders life for fame; give me the man who’s living makes a name”. Quote by Emily Dickinson. Caught in the crossfire between winter and spring, her eyewear should embrace the role of romantic mediator. She welcomes the new season with bespoke eyewear and the breakout art of individual style. These one-of-a-kind bespoke sunglasses feature bi-colored gradient lenses (brown top, blue bottom), mounted with a yellow gold spring bridge (circa 1875) and white gold templates. By Nader Zadi.

Ivory Cool

Domenico Vacca suit and Nader Zadi custom eyewear

Wearing this Domenico Vacca ivory double-breasted, peak lapel jacket and Nader Zadi custom sunglasses is guaranteed to make you standout.  Do you dare? 

Ivory’s not your style?  Consult with Signore Vacca himself to find the color that’s right for you. 

Distinguish yourself.  Go bespoke.

The Artist’s Magic

Peru’s luxury lifestyle publication, Luhho, featured a piece on Nader Zadi’s custom eyewear.  If you’re well-versed in Spanish you can read the article here:  If not, there’s an English translation below.

Nader Zadi Customeyes in Luhho Magazine

Modernity and technological progress have many advantages and make our lives easier, but also can lead to neglecting and forgetting various traditions. Thus, in 1995 Nader Zadi founded CustomEyes, based in Manhattan, in order to reinstate the fine art of making glasses by hand.  As an exclusive atelier where fine pieces are made from vintage designs that are not found anywhere else in the world, CustomEyes provides the discerning client with a modern and sophisticated style that meets their tastes and needs.

The collection provides authentic pieces up to 200 years old, parts that Nader Zadi preserves, redesigned and styled for modern times. The resulting product is a flawless finish that transcends machine manufacturing by giving each piece its own soul.

Nader Zadi himself a personally interviews each customer and helps them to choose the mounting and the bridge optimally suited to their needs, facial shapes and proportions. Once the frame is selected, measurements are taken and the glasses are assembled using the finest lens materials and technologies. 

Articulating all the details, the artist invests many hours and total dedication to create a piece of work using various techniques of the Old World to that is worthy of any museum.  Each piece is a timeless beauty, and above all, incorporates precision optics. With a well-earned reputation for excellence in service and products, Nader Zadi has an exclusive customer base including celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs, executives, architects and physicians. If you have the opportunity to visit his atelier, you’ll never view glasses in the same way. – R.S.  


Brace Yourself


Mark Kelty bespoke belt and Nader Zadi bespoke sunglasses
Mark Kelty belt and Nader Zadi sunglasses

Exotic skins and buckles deserve equally exotic eyewear.

Stunning bi-colored sunglasses, aviator style, paired with an exotic strap and bespoke buckle made by Mark Kelty, complete your weekend look.

Adorned in Rare Frames and Rare Jewels

Fred Leighton necklace and hexagonal custom eyewear

Glamour and glasses don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  Dare to wear standout frames with your standout jewels and couture creations.

Meticulously created with craftsmanship of a bygone era and with an enduring fashion impact, these frames not only accentuate this necklace, they are in harmony with this caliber of treasured ornamentation.    

Match geometrical patterns in pendants and eyewear (as seen above)
Coordinate color tones between jewels and lens tints (again, as seen above)

Not Just for Diamonds: The 4 C’s of Custom Eyewear

octogonal shaped custom frames in white gold

Cut refers to the proportions, size and shape of the lens or frame.  Eyeglasses should be in proportion to the size of your face and should be harmonious with your features.   The shape of the frame should contrast and compliment the shape of your face.

Claritycustom eyewear frames in different colored tints
This refers to the quality and construction of the frame and lens optics.  Look for premium lens materials and enhancements such as high-index lenses and anti-reflection coating .  These options optimize the cosmetic appearance and provide better, clearer vision.

white gold custom made framesThis refers to the frame color as well as various tint options for sunglasses.  Choose a frame color that will compliment your skin tone.  Pale complexions look good in warm colors such as rose, amber and copper.  Darker complexions look stunning in white, yellow or rose gold.  All metallic frames suit black skin including gold, silver and rose.  When it comes to lens color, try on different lens tints to determine which one you like best.  The most popular shades are grey, brown and green.  Custom colors and tint intensity can be made to order.

Carathands working on custom eyewear
This refers to the weight of the frame as determined by its composition:  plastic, stainless steel, various metal alloys, titanium or gold.  Fames that are lightweight are more comfortable and less noticeable.  Rimless frames are a great option for a light, barely there feel.

hands working on nose bridge of custom framesThere are some key considerations to ensure the frames you choose are comfortable and well-fitting.  The temples should not indent into the sides of your head and the tips should gently curve behind your ears.  Next, the bridge and the nose pads should be fine-tuned so that the frame perfectly conforms to your nose.