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For connoisseurs appreciating the finest that life has to offer, Robb Report is their go to resource for ultra luxury products from the most prestigious luxury brands around the world, providing expert insight about a variety of topics, which include luxury cars, yachts, private jets, fine jewelry and watches, and this fashion section, features Nader Zadi’s limited edition sunglasses.  Click below to read article:

Ametrine Sunglasses – United Colors of a Gemstone

Nader Zadi unveils limited edition sunglasses inspired by a rare gemstone found in the Anahi mine in Bolivia, Ametrine.
The artist’s creation exhibits a diamond like faceted lens shaded in three vertical zones of lavender starting at the nasal, yellow in the center, and peach towards the temple.  This pattern represents the display of colors that naturally occur within ametrine; a hybrid quartz gemstone composed of amethyst and citrine.  The lenses are crowned with a filigreed yellow gold bridge from the 1930’s.
“On a color spectrum, lavender and yellow are distant hues, but the beauty of ametrine naturally converges the diversity of these colors side by side.”

Lunar Inspired Sunglasses – Once in a blue moon

Nader Zadi launches rare limited edition sunglasses emulating the 8th phase (appearance) of the waxing moon, with a rectangular double dip crescent shape and midnight blue gradient lenses, reflecting an expanding illumination.
The artist’s creation harmonizes art and craftsmanship all by hand.  Features include four total curves or crescents on each side, representing the four key phases of each month, with repeating curves on the center piece.  The lenses are hand edged and mounted with a bridge in white gold, accented with ornate filigree and solid gold nose pads, origin circa 1920. 
“As an artist, I am inspired by the different phases of the moon, which influence my visions, creativity, and passion I invest into my craft.  My most exquisite works are created during the waxing stage. These sunglasses convey my perspective on the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ – a rare frame and occurrence indeed.”

Four Seasons Magazine – Made by Hand

The Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts is a distinguished brand in luxury hospitality recognized for the highest standards of excellence in service, design, and guest experiences.  Their exclusive in-room magazine covers inspiring and fascinating content about style, fine food, exotic travel destinations, and in this issue an emphasis on the art of craftsmanship.  An introduction to celebrated artisans and their craft, paying tribute to artisanship, showcasing products made by hand, meticulous hand tailoring, custom design, couture creations made of the best materials by the best of the best – aficionados and artisans passionate about the intricacies of their craft.  Amongst the features, includes this article “For Your Eyes Only” in which Nader Zadi is Bespoken for.

Elegance of a Gentleman

In addition to being a true gentleman, Domenico Spano (“Mimmo”) is a custom clothier based in New York City.  His suites are inspired by the 1930’s American style, featuring classic broad lapels and tailored waist that gives off a look of classic elegance and assertive power.  Wear one and you’ll know the feeling!
Pictured above: Domenico Spano at his Manhattan showroom – by appointment (212) 265 7848.

From the Windows of Your Soul, To the Soles of Your Feet, Part IV

Gaziano & Girling Hemple bespoke and Nader Zadi Customeyes

The other Gaziano & Girling partner is Tony Gaziano, who has been instrumental in the design and development of shoe ranges for many premier quality brands, and continues to offer a constultancy service.  He insists on maintaining hands-on involvement in the production of bench made and bespoke shoes and is a talented craftsman as well as being a leading designer.

These gorgeous shoes are a work of art that will influence your demeanor and stride to be graceful, elegant and will definitely command a second glance from onlookers. 

Accessorizing the soles of your feet appropriately starts at the top, with the windows of your soul.  Therefore, this traditional rose gold frame with distinguished gold nose pads compliments these shoes.

Thanks to the Gaziano & Girling web site for Tony Gaziano’s biography. 

From the Windows of Your Soul, To the Soles of Your Feet, Part III

Gazian & Girling Croc Bespoke and Nader Zadi Customeyes

One of the Gaziano & Girling partners, Dean Girling, has been producing the highest quality of tailor made shoes for some of London’s top bespoke houses.  He is recognized in the trade as an artist and craftsman of exceptional skill, a man who maintains shoemaking standards that might otherwise be lost forever.  As such, he is widely considered in the trade to be the craftsman’s craftsman. 

The privilege of having bespoke shoes made is that you have the choice to select various leathers and exotic skins offered by the shoemaker.  Furthermore, you’ll be walking with the joyous comfort from gathering exact measurements of the contours of your feet.  

Hopefully your garments and accessory wardrobe will reflect the beauty and luxury of these fine bespoke shoes. 

Here the Gaziano & Girling Croc is paired with a rose gold bespoke eyewear that matches the shoes in quality and opulence.

Thanks to the Gaziano & Girling web site for Dean Girling’s biography.

From the Windows of Your Soul, To the Soles of Your Feet, Part II

Gaziano & Girling Deco Cooper and Nader Zadi CustomeyesThe clean lines and high polish of these Gaziano & Girling Deco Cooper shoes pair suitably with these white gold, saddle-bridge eyeglasses circa the 1920’s.

This clean, sophisticated look conveys a simple yet captivating sartorial image. 

With this pairing the wearer will exude sharp elegance.

Advantage and Performance

A serious writer is not to be confounded with a solemn writer. A serious writer may be a hawk or a buzzard or even a popinjay, but a solemn writer is always a bloody owl.-Ernest Hemingway. Experience the comfortable advantages and performance of bespoke eyewear by Rare Frames  

Out of Sight

Flying High!  Nader Zadi sunglasses featured in US AIRWAYS Magazine.

Out of Sight

Nader Zadi Eyewear –

These are not your father’s sunglasses. Nader Zadi crafts eyewear that complements facial features and proportions as well as complexion. Working by appointment only from his studio in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Zadi holds a vast collection of vintage gold frames and nose bridges, which he custom fits according to individual taste.