Mr. Brown

leather diamond

Mr. Brown makes a prominent impression…his charisma exudes a style expressed in part through the choice of garments and accessories worn on that day.

Sunglasses (top): Nader Zadi / Leather briefcase (middle left): Dunhill / Leather eyeglass case (middle right): Smythson / Brown leather dress boots (bottom): Paul Stuart


J.M. Weston: French, Timeless Style

J.M. Weston - Collage_updated

J.M. Weston may sound English, but actually, J.M. Weston is French indeed; Parisian to be exact.  This lovely shoe establishment dates back to 1891.  A father and son team worked side by side to create women and men’s leather shoes with timeless workmanship combined with flavors of contemporary influences.  With each step, the spirit of J.M. Weston luxuriously serves the soles of your feet.

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Create your own pair of unique shoes via the “Special Orders” section:

*All photos sourced from J.M. Weston’s website.


Comfort Drive

It is a sunny day.  You treat yourself to a comfortable and luxurious experience, being driven to your destination, in style.  The leather interior is the finest.  Your wardrobe is of sartorial excellence.  And your sunglasses?

BMW 750i
BMW 750i –
Nader Zadi White gold sunglasses
Nader Zadi White gold sunglasses

A Walk-in Closet With A Place For All Your Treasures

 walk-in closet 3 - together

A beautiful walk-in closet has a special place for everything you love:  your watches, ties, belts, and shoes.

 walk-in closet - watch winder_drawer

How about a special place for your eyeglasses?

A vanity case or drawer for your eyewear collection is the perfect addition to any walk-in closet.

walk-in closet - eyeglass display case - together

Coordinate your eyewear and entire wardrobe, suitable to the occasion and sentiment of the day, all within easy reach.

Artisan Bindery: Bookbinding, a lost art uncovered


Nader'sBlog- BookBinding-usethisone

Using the highest quality materials Artisan Bindery maintains the ancient tradition of bookbinding in the modern day market.  Andrew Brown blends talent with love for the craft: creating works of art, whether it involves restoration of an antique book or a photographer’s exquisite images bound with old world bookbinding craftsmanship.  Visit to learn more.

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Custom Selection: Fabric for suits and bridges for glasses



There are numerous options when it comes to selecting choice fabrics for a custom suit.  At Customeyes, you can choose from a wide collection of bridges that constitute the center piece of your custom eyeglasses.  To explore suitable styles for your features, schedule an appointment now and discover the bespoke experience by Nader Zadi.

Asprey proves that “it can be done”, and so it is.


Luxury company, Asprey, founded in 1781, endows their craft with great splendor and radiant opulence.  Here, a connoisseur of high standards will feel immersed in a finely appointed treasure vault.

Headquartered in London, England, with presence in multiple international markets, the renowned British brand specializes in fine jewelry, timepieces, leather goods, handbags, dinnerware, silver; and personalized special commissions.  Their motto from the formative years has always been “It can be done.”  Their craftsmen embrace to endeavor the challenge, no matter how difficult or rare. Gifted with the highest caliber of skill and craftsmanship, their products reflect masterpiece creations tastefully showcased at select establishments worldwide.  With such talent married with an exquisite eye for detail, a prominent standard of luxury is established, whereby brands in the same sphere will necessarily “aspyre” to the pinnacle of Asprey!

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Asprey’s video “Born to Dream”

Asprey’s video of their Sunflower Collection

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*All photos sourced from Asprey’s website:

Welcome to Armorial

A Parisian Company Offering Exquisite Stationary, Exceptional Printing, And A Step Back In Time

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In Paris and London there is an establishment that still believes in taking things one step at a time.  Rather than churning printing products in a robotic fashion, this charming bespoke printer applies pride, care, and great precision which has become the hallmark of it’s reputation at Armorial.

Stationary and printing these days has lost its substance and craft.  Luckily, Armorial has retained the tradition of craftsmanship by preserving the fine techniques of the trade; as is evident in the attention to detail and quality.

A discerning connoisseur would be inspired to write on such fine stationary or present a business card with great pride knowing that the authentic style, opulence, and integrity of the card conveys a parallel of distinction similar to that of the presenter.

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Ralph Lauren’s Portraits of Craftsmanship

American fashion designer Ralph Lauren is an icon who exemplifies impeccable class and taste.  His attention to detail and love of craftsmanship is conveyed through sartorial excellence with an emphasis on a perfect fit, luxurious textiles, and employing expert artisans who stitch these garments into life.

Ralph Lauren talks about the bespoke experience and standard in cultivating the finest artisans who “live and breathe the products they are making.”

Watch video:


Scaling the Peak of Time

Pictured is Petek Philippe’s Grandmaster Chime, indicating time both visually and vibrationally through sound.

Nick Foulkes of The Financial Times writes about the luxury brands and players in the complex watchmaking process incorporating technology and the old world heritage of craftsmanship.

Read full article here:Patek Philippe

How it’s Made: Leica M9-P – Hermes

A photograph conveys a rich language of it’s own, shedding light on the unique angle and expression of the composing artist and the subject.  Camera, lens choice, lighting, and location are contributing elements.

Watch this video to see how the luxurious leather of Hermes craftsmanship is married with the body of the Leica M9-P Camera.  What kind of images are possible with this honeymoon?