Cesare Attolini VI


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A double breasted suit tailored to fit with comfort and sartorial perfection requires techniques mastered by Cesare Attolini to skillfully tack the upper collar and armholes to allow fluid movements while maintaining a structured fit at the same time.  Likewise, handcrafted by Nader Zadi, eyeglasses are created to account for unique facial features, prescription parameters, and optimized vision that deliver both function and style.

*Image on left sourced from Cesare Attolini’s website: http://cesareattolini.com

*Image on right (glasses) from Nader Zadi Eyewear: http://rareframes.com

Cesare Attolini V

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Dressing suitably on an overcast day ensures that Cesare Attolini garments are well protected in case it rains, and if the sun shines after, these lenses will darken accordingly – Nader Zadi Rare Frames Collection.

Transition lenses are available in brown or gray with and without prescription.

*Image on left sourced from Cesare Attolini’s website: http://cesareattolini.com

*Image on right (sunglasses) from Nader Zadi Eyewear: http://rareframes.com

Cesare Attolini IV

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In the countryside, attire by Cesare Attolini and bi-color aviator sunglasses by Nader Zadi fashion the theme for the weekend look.

*Image on left sourced from Cesare Attolini’s website: http://cesareattolini.com

*Image on right (sunglasses) by Nader Zadi Eyewear: http://rareframes.com

Cesare Attolini III

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A gentleman with perfect vision and a perfect suit (Cesare Attolini) demands the perfect option to read his paper.  Nader Zadi half-eyes designed for the multi-tasking professional who must attend to immediate, intermediate, and distant goals of his vision.

*Image on left sourced from Cesare Attolini’s website: http://cesareattolini.com

*Image on right (glasses) Nader Zadi Eyewear:http://rareframes.com

Cesare Attolini II

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A man who is attentive to his wardrobe dresses with according interest.  Every item of clothing is selected with balanced and harmonized consideration.  Likewise, prominent accessories must compliment the style and quality of dress.  There are of course many options and varieties, and this is one example:  Cesare Attolini | Nader Zadi.

What are you wearing?

*Image on left sourced from Cesare Attolini’s website:  http://cesareattolini.com

*Image on right (glasses) by Nader Zadi: http://rareframes.com/main.html

Cesare Attolini I

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Vincenzo Attolini ventured into a career in tailoring in the 1930’s and mentored his son, Cesare Attolini to perpetuate the tradition of craftsmanship in tailored clothing.  The garments are stitched by hand, in a process that hallmarks the “precious handcrafted details” of the Cesare Attolini standards of excellence. Today the brand maintains a prominent platform in luxury men’s clothing, with showrooms in Italy, New York, and Turkey – offering timeless elegance and luxury for the discerning man of style.

*Images sourced from the Cesare Attolini’s website: http://cesareattolini.com

The rarest fiber in the world: Vicuna by Loro Piana

lp-4th-postLoro Piana Traveller jacket finely crafted with the world’s finest and rarest wool, vicuna and brown mink lining; elegantly paired with a cashmere Chevron scarf.  It’s all in the details.  Plenty of warmth and perfectly lined pockets to protect your lenses from scratching, when you forget your case.

~Jacket & scarf sourced from Lori Piana’s website:https://www.loropiana.com/en/

~Glasses by Nader Zadi Eyewear: http://rareframes.com


Loro Piana travel bags for the discerning traveler


Traveling light and bright in Loro Piana’s signature sporty look.  Frequent fliers know to pack just the essentials.  Hopefully he’ll be picked up in a car with tinted windows, otherwise his cheeks will cramp from squinting!  Or, maybe he owns a pair of the Nader Zadi sunglasses tucked inside the plush lining of this Loro Piana outerwear jacket.

~Illustration sourced from Lori Piana’s website:https://www.loropiana.com/en/

~Sunglasses by Nader Zadi Eyewear: http://rareframes.com

The Fashion Conference of Footwear and Spectacles – New York


A congregation of footwear enthusiasts walked in on a gathering of vertical spectacles.  They admired the stacked arrangement of the glasses and wondered how they could emulate the same without stepping on each other’s toes.  The answer was inconclusive.  However, the triad of spectacles foresee panoramic possibilities for the stylish men’s shoes. The two groups agreed to walk along and continue looking; together, towards the horizon of a collaborative vision – The Spectashoes Ensemble by Nader Zadi.


Demonstrating Loro Piana’s practical luxury


This man has a great eye for style, texture, and color.  He exemplifies Loro Piana’s renowned garments of excellence, crafted from the world’s finest textiles, comfortable in motion.  Perhaps a little more contrast with Nader Zadi’s tortoise spectacles to accentuate the look.

~Illustration sourced from Loro Piana


~Glasses available at Nader Zadi – Rare Frames


Ready for Fall in Loro Piana


Well suited for the cool weather in Loro Piana’s finest navy outerwear, contrasted with a grey double zip sweater and brown leather gloves to keep the hands warm.  Cover the eyes from the sun’s glare with Nader Zadi sunglasses, in black or grey.

*Illustration sourced from Loro Piana.


*Sunglasses available at Nader Zadi – Rare Frames.




Moynat began as a trunk and travel connoisseur in 1849. Their offerings have expanded into handbags, wallets, and notebooks created in Paris with impeccable craftsmanship.   After purchasing your glasses, park your credit card in this Moynat wallet; just until it’s time to invest in the sunglasses.

Mr. Brown

leather diamond

Mr. Brown makes a prominent impression…his charisma exudes a style expressed in part through the choice of garments and accessories worn on that day.

Sunglasses (top): Nader Zadi / Leather briefcase (middle left): Dunhill / Leather eyeglass case (middle right): Smythson / Brown leather dress boots (bottom): Paul Stuart


J.M. Weston: French, Timeless Style

J.M. Weston - Collage_updated

J.M. Weston may sound English, but actually, J.M. Weston is French indeed; Parisian to be exact.  This lovely shoe establishment dates back to 1891.  A father and son team worked side by side to create women and men’s leather shoes with timeless workmanship combined with flavors of contemporary influences.  With each step, the spirit of J.M. Weston luxuriously serves the soles of your feet.

Browse their website, or visit their stores:


Create your own pair of unique shoes via the “Special Orders” section:


*All photos sourced from J.M. Weston’s website.