Retail Bliss

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She was indecisive on which sunglasses to buy so she bought all 3, each in a different color.

With a wonderful shopping trip completed there was no doubt all 3 sunglasses would come in handy.

*  Image on right (sunglasses) from Nader Zadi Eyewear:

Loro Piana travel bags for the discerning traveler


Traveling light and bright in Loro Piana’s signature sporty look.  Frequent fliers know to pack just the essentials.  Hopefully he’ll be picked up in a car with tinted windows, otherwise his cheeks will cramp from squinting!  Or, maybe he owns a pair of the Nader Zadi sunglasses tucked inside the plush lining of this Loro Piana outerwear jacket.

~Illustration sourced from Lori Piana’s website:

~Sunglasses by Nader Zadi Eyewear:



Moynat began as a trunk and travel connoisseur in 1849. Their offerings have expanded into handbags, wallets, and notebooks created in Paris with impeccable craftsmanship.   After purchasing your glasses, park your credit card in this Moynat wallet; just until it’s time to invest in the sunglasses.

Mr. Brown

leather diamond

Mr. Brown makes a prominent impression…his charisma exudes a style expressed in part through the choice of garments and accessories worn on that day.

Sunglasses (top): Nader Zadi / Leather briefcase (middle left): Dunhill / Leather eyeglass case (middle right): Smythson / Brown leather dress boots (bottom): Paul Stuart


Brace Yourself


Mark Kelty bespoke belt and Nader Zadi bespoke sunglasses
Mark Kelty belt and Nader Zadi sunglasses

Exotic skins and buckles deserve equally exotic eyewear.

Stunning bi-colored sunglasses, aviator style, paired with an exotic strap and bespoke buckle made by Mark Kelty, complete your weekend look.

Adorned in Rare Frames and Rare Jewels

Fred Leighton necklace and hexagonal custom eyewear

Glamour and glasses don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  Dare to wear standout frames with your standout jewels and couture creations.

Meticulously created with craftsmanship of a bygone era and with an enduring fashion impact, these frames not only accentuate this necklace, they are in harmony with this caliber of treasured ornamentation.    

Match geometrical patterns in pendants and eyewear (as seen above)
Coordinate color tones between jewels and lens tints (again, as seen above)