Cesare Attolini III

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A gentleman with perfect vision and a perfect suit (Cesare Attolini) demands the perfect option to read his paper.  Nader Zadi half-eyes designed for the multi-tasking professional who must attend to immediate, intermediate, and distant goals of his vision.

*Image on left sourced from Cesare Attolini’s website: http://cesareattolini.com

*Image on right (glasses) Nader Zadi Eyewear:http://rareframes.com

The rarest fiber in the world: Vicuna by Loro Piana

lp-4th-postLoro Piana Traveller jacket finely crafted with the world’s finest and rarest wool, vicuna and brown mink lining; elegantly paired with a cashmere Chevron scarf.  It’s all in the details.  Plenty of warmth and perfectly lined pockets to protect your lenses from scratching, when you forget your case.

~Jacket & scarf sourced from Lori Piana’s website:https://www.loropiana.com/en/

~Glasses by Nader Zadi Eyewear: http://rareframes.com


Demonstrating Loro Piana’s practical luxury


This man has a great eye for style, texture, and color.  He exemplifies Loro Piana’s renowned garments of excellence, crafted from the world’s finest textiles, comfortable in motion.  Perhaps a little more contrast with Nader Zadi’s tortoise spectacles to accentuate the look.

~Illustration sourced from Loro Piana


~Glasses available at Nader Zadi – Rare Frames


Ready for Fall in Loro Piana


Well suited for the cool weather in Loro Piana’s finest navy outerwear, contrasted with a grey double zip sweater and brown leather gloves to keep the hands warm.  Cover the eyes from the sun’s glare with Nader Zadi sunglasses, in black or grey.

*Illustration sourced from Loro Piana.


*Sunglasses available at Nader Zadi – Rare Frames.


From the Windows of Your Soul, To the Soles of Your Feet, Part IV

Gaziano & Girling Hemple bespoke and Nader Zadi Customeyes

The other Gaziano & Girling partner is Tony Gaziano, who has been instrumental in the design and development of shoe ranges for many premier quality brands, and continues to offer a constultancy service.  He insists on maintaining hands-on involvement in the production of bench made and bespoke shoes and is a talented craftsman as well as being a leading designer.

These gorgeous shoes are a work of art that will influence your demeanor and stride to be graceful, elegant and will definitely command a second glance from onlookers. 

Accessorizing the soles of your feet appropriately starts at the top, with the windows of your soul.  Therefore, this traditional rose gold frame with distinguished gold nose pads compliments these shoes.

Thanks to the Gaziano & Girling web site for Tony Gaziano’s biography. 

From the Windows of Your Soul, To the Soles of Your Feet, Part III

Gazian & Girling Croc Bespoke and Nader Zadi Customeyes

One of the Gaziano & Girling partners, Dean Girling, has been producing the highest quality of tailor made shoes for some of London’s top bespoke houses.  He is recognized in the trade as an artist and craftsman of exceptional skill, a man who maintains shoemaking standards that might otherwise be lost forever.  As such, he is widely considered in the trade to be the craftsman’s craftsman. 

The privilege of having bespoke shoes made is that you have the choice to select various leathers and exotic skins offered by the shoemaker.  Furthermore, you’ll be walking with the joyous comfort from gathering exact measurements of the contours of your feet.  

Hopefully your garments and accessory wardrobe will reflect the beauty and luxury of these fine bespoke shoes. 

Here the Gaziano & Girling Croc is paired with a rose gold bespoke eyewear that matches the shoes in quality and opulence.

Thanks to the Gaziano & Girling web site for Dean Girling’s biography.

From the Windows of Your Soul, To the Soles of Your Feet, Part II

Gaziano & Girling Deco Cooper and Nader Zadi CustomeyesThe clean lines and high polish of these Gaziano & Girling Deco Cooper shoes pair suitably with these white gold, saddle-bridge eyeglasses circa the 1920’s.

This clean, sophisticated look conveys a simple yet captivating sartorial image. 

With this pairing the wearer will exude sharp elegance.

From the Window of Your Soul, To the Soles of Your Feet, Part I

Gaziano & Girling Deco Bowlly and Nader Zadi Customeyes

Gaziano & Girling’s Deco collection is a fine example of ready-to-wear shoemaking made to resemble the styles of the 20’s and 30’s. These shoes bring an edgier look to the G&G grace with a trimmer style that reflects the art deco period.

The detailed filagree on these white gold eyeglasses circa 1930 compliment the design embellishment surrounding the laces of the Deco Bowlly shoes by Gaziano & Girling.

Luxury Deserves Luxury Eyewear

Maserati and Nader Zadi custom sunglasses

When the top is down on your Maserati and you’re coasting by the water, make sure that your custom sunglasses have polarized lenses.  They will filter out the reflected glare from the water and other shiny surfaces around you, such as the hood of other cars and the road’s surface.  You’ll enjoy a smoother drive with enhanced visual acuity and the style to go along with the driving experience.

When you go to reach for your sunglasses in your Maserati, will they match the luxury and style of the car you’re driving?

Your sunglasses ought to fit you as well as your car does.

Ivory Cool

Domenico Vacca suit and Nader Zadi custom eyewear

Wearing this Domenico Vacca ivory double-breasted, peak lapel jacket and Nader Zadi custom sunglasses is guaranteed to make you standout.  Do you dare? 

Ivory’s not your style?  Consult with Signore Vacca himself to find the color that’s right for you. 

Distinguish yourself.  Go bespoke.

Brace Yourself


Mark Kelty bespoke belt and Nader Zadi bespoke sunglasses
Mark Kelty belt and Nader Zadi sunglasses

Exotic skins and buckles deserve equally exotic eyewear.

Stunning bi-colored sunglasses, aviator style, paired with an exotic strap and bespoke buckle made by Mark Kelty, complete your weekend look.

Not Just for Diamonds: The 4 C’s of Custom Eyewear

octogonal shaped custom frames in white gold

Cut refers to the proportions, size and shape of the lens or frame.  Eyeglasses should be in proportion to the size of your face and should be harmonious with your features.   The shape of the frame should contrast and compliment the shape of your face.

Claritycustom eyewear frames in different colored tints
This refers to the quality and construction of the frame and lens optics.  Look for premium lens materials and enhancements such as high-index lenses and anti-reflection coating .  These options optimize the cosmetic appearance and provide better, clearer vision.

white gold custom made framesThis refers to the frame color as well as various tint options for sunglasses.  Choose a frame color that will compliment your skin tone.  Pale complexions look good in warm colors such as rose, amber and copper.  Darker complexions look stunning in white, yellow or rose gold.  All metallic frames suit black skin including gold, silver and rose.  When it comes to lens color, try on different lens tints to determine which one you like best.  The most popular shades are grey, brown and green.  Custom colors and tint intensity can be made to order.

Carathands working on custom eyewear
This refers to the weight of the frame as determined by its composition:  plastic, stainless steel, various metal alloys, titanium or gold.  Fames that are lightweight are more comfortable and less noticeable.  Rimless frames are a great option for a light, barely there feel.

hands working on nose bridge of custom framesThere are some key considerations to ensure the frames you choose are comfortable and well-fitting.  The temples should not indent into the sides of your head and the tips should gently curve behind your ears.  Next, the bridge and the nose pads should be fine-tuned so that the frame perfectly conforms to your nose.