The Fashion Conference of Footwear and Spectacles – New York


A congregation of footwear enthusiasts walked in on a gathering of vertical spectacles.  They admired the stacked arrangement of the glasses and wondered how they could emulate the same without stepping on each other’s toes.  The answer was inconclusive.  However, the triad of spectacles foresee panoramic possibilities for the stylish men’s shoes. The two groups agreed to walk along and continue looking; together, towards the horizon of a collaborative vision – The Spectashoes Ensemble by Nader Zadi.


Demonstrating Loro Piana’s practical luxury


This man has a great eye for style, texture, and color.  He exemplifies Loro Piana’s renowned garments of excellence, crafted from the world’s finest textiles, comfortable in motion.  Perhaps a little more contrast with Nader Zadi’s tortoise spectacles to accentuate the look.

~Illustration sourced from Loro Piana

~Glasses available at Nader Zadi – Rare Frames

Four Seasons Magazine – Made by Hand

The Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts is a distinguished brand in luxury hospitality recognized for the highest standards of excellence in service, design, and guest experiences.  Their exclusive in-room magazine covers inspiring and fascinating content about style, fine food, exotic travel destinations, and in this issue an emphasis on the art of craftsmanship.  An introduction to celebrated artisans and their craft, paying tribute to artisanship, showcasing products made by hand, meticulous hand tailoring, custom design, couture creations made of the best materials by the best of the best – aficionados and artisans passionate about the intricacies of their craft.  Amongst the features, includes this article “For Your Eyes Only” in which Nader Zadi is Bespoken for.