Stefano Bemer – Proper Shoe Shine


It takes an average of 7 – 10 minutes to apply the essentials of shoe care.  For expert procedures and maintenance, Stefano Bemer offers step by step instructions here

Fortunately, eyeglasses require much less time and your eyes will appreciate the crystal clear view when you use a simple technique used in the optical trade.  To learn more, contact your eyewear specialist, or inquire at

Sole to Soul – Stefano Bemer


The sole is the foundation on which the shoe is built.  Few craftsmen know about the anatomy of a foot and how to accommodate a precise fit that is leathered around the feet with luxury, comfort, and style.  To learn more, visit the experts at Stefano Bemer,  In like manner, ensure your eyes are given equal consideration;


Artisan Bindery: Bookbinding, a lost art uncovered


Nader'sBlog- BookBinding-usethisone

Using the highest quality materials Artisan Bindery maintains the ancient tradition of bookbinding in the modern day market.  Andrew Brown blends talent with love for the craft: creating works of art, whether it involves restoration of an antique book or a photographer’s exquisite images bound with old world bookbinding craftsmanship.  Visit to learn more.

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