Comfort Drive

It is a sunny day.  You treat yourself to a comfortable and luxurious experience, being driven to your destination, in style.  The leather interior is the finest.  Your wardrobe is of sartorial excellence.  And your sunglasses?

BMW 750i
BMW 750i –
Nader Zadi White gold sunglasses
Nader Zadi White gold sunglasses

Ralph Lauren’s Portraits of Craftsmanship

American fashion designer Ralph Lauren is an icon who exemplifies impeccable class and taste.  His attention to detail and love of craftsmanship is conveyed through sartorial excellence with an emphasis on a perfect fit, luxurious textiles, and employing expert artisans who stitch these garments into life.

Ralph Lauren talks about the bespoke experience and standard in cultivating the finest artisans who “live and breathe the products they are making.”

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Scaling the Peak of Time

Pictured is Petek Philippe’s Grandmaster Chime, indicating time both visually and vibrationally through sound.

Nick Foulkes of The Financial Times writes about the luxury brands and players in the complex watchmaking process incorporating technology and the old world heritage of craftsmanship.

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How it’s Made: Leica M9-P – Hermes

A photograph conveys a rich language of it’s own, shedding light on the unique angle and expression of the composing artist and the subject.  Camera, lens choice, lighting, and location are contributing elements.

Watch this video to see how the luxurious leather of Hermes craftsmanship is married with the body of the Leica M9-P Camera.  What kind of images are possible with this honeymoon?


Attention: Adjust Your Focus

Making an impact involves skill and the ability to engage the senses to focus on a detail.  Capturing visual attention employs a zoom technology whereby focus is directed to a specific location:  Your socks!

Fashion editor Nic Screws, describes an example and the “power playing statement” socks can make.

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Characters and Charactersitics of Luxury

A recent market survey concludes that 64% of urban Chinese people identified “craftsmanship” as the word that best described luxury, compared to 58% who said “expensive” and 53% who said “status”.

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Accessorize the Urban Rider

Today’s urban cyclists have a great array of options when it comes to styling their ride to reflect (literally and figuratively) a unique expression of their style.  Mirror, and mirrored lenses optional.

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Maison Bonnet & The Art of Craftsmanship

The term hand made is often loosely used to denote the quality and caliber of a product, and the artisans and craftsmen that invest their vocational passions to produce true luxury marvels also go unnoticed.  Not in this case however, as the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal describe the specialty of Maison Bonnet, a family business since 1930, committed to make bespoke spectacles using old world techniques that require numerous hours to complete one pair of eyeglasses.  Using natural tortoise shell and buffalo horn, frames are sculpted by hand, with skill and craftsmanship for the discerning few.

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